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Hello! My name is Andreia Silva and I am the founder of Carsi.
Today I want to tell you the story of this beautiful brand that is, above all, the result of a great love story and my desire to create and make a difference. A story which, from now on, you are part too!

The passion for fashion has been a part of me since I was a child, I have some training in the area of ​​sewing and modeling, and in the spring of 2018 I created a project, a mini online store, where I was the one designing and sewing all the products. This project was asleep when I changed country in the end of Summer, but it was never forgotten. Not really happy with my routine, after changing country, I thought a lot about that small project I had and I dreamed of making it big one day.

And so, in early January 2019, Carsi was born: aboard a flight between Lisbon and London, when I decided to put an end to my insecurities and fears and, together with my boyfriend, I realized that it was time to take that step.

I do not want Carsi to be just another brand of clothing. I want every person who wears Carsi’s items to know that they were created with the greatest love in the world and that all the details are designed to make them feel comfortable and powerful. I want it to be a brand that makes a difference, that has environmental and social concerns and that, above all, make people happy! That reflects love in all we do, that makes you dream and that reduces all your fears and insecurities, as it did with me.

This, from now on, is our history. Mine and of all of you.

Are you ready?

With love,

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